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What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

Emma Tomsich5-Minute Read
December 10, 2021

A home’s exterior can say a lot about a homeowner, but nothing says “welcome” better than a front door and entryway. As one of the main focal points of your home’s exterior, it’s important that your front door gives a good first impression of you and your home. So if you’re looking to switch up your front door or you’d just like to learn about what your current front door says about you, read on.

What Are Popular Front Door Styles?

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Although there’s a wide variety of front door styles and colors to choose from, there are some that are preferred by homeowners. For example, some of the most popular styles on the market are traditional, craftsman, modern, ornate, rustic, and arched style front doors. Now, let’s further illustrate these terms, introduce some more front door styles, and tell you what each means for you and your home.

Traditional Style Front Door

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One of the most common styles is the traditional front door. This style is known for having an assortment of raised panels and patterns, and can come in wood, metal and fiberglass. It sets itself apart from other door styles because it doesn’t feature any glass on the door itself. Nonetheless, sidelights can be added to the door to mimic natural light and brighten up the entryway.

Homeowners with a traditional style front doors tend to also have traditional style homes and value simplicity, organization and conventionalism.

Craftsman Style Front Door

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The craftsman style front door has gained popularity in the last few years. While it started with craftsman style houses, this type of front door can go with nearly any exterior. Craftsman style front doors can be recognized by their panes of glass near the top or bottom of the door which are separated from the rest of the door with trim or molding. This layout provides the best view of the outdoors, and is common in cottages and homes near flora and fauna. The craftsman style door can be made from wood or fiberglass. Two of the most common types of craftsman doors are the shaker and mission style front doors.

Homeowners with a craftsman style front door tend to appreciate nature, scenery and symmetry.

Modern Style Front Door

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The modern style front door is similar to the craftsman style, but places a larger emphasis on clean cut lines. You can also recognize a modern style front door by its minimal glass panels in the center of the door. These design characteristics take after contemporary architecture.

Homeowners who prefer the modern style door are forward thinking and minimalistic with a soft edge.

Ornate Style Front Door

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One of the most detailed and elegant front door styles is the ornate style. This popular design is used to draw attention to the house by featuring an ornate glass shape in the middle of the panel. This style of door is popular in contemporary and colonial homes.

Homeowners with an ornate style front door tend to be well mannered, pay attention to detail and prefer antique style design.

Rustic Style Front Door

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Rustic style front doors are most commonly seen on homes that feature wood, stone or brick. They aren’t over the top with their design, but they may feature raised panels or a few small windows near the top of the door. This style of front door is popular for cabins or cottages in the wilderness.

Homeowners with rustic style front doors enjoy simplicity, the wilderness and partaking in nature.

Arched Style Front Door

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Even though other styles of front doors can be arched like the traditional and rustic styles, it’s important that we take some time to focus solely on the arched style front door. Arched style front doors are known to be specially ordered and handcrafted to give off a one-of-a-kind look and flair.

Homeowners who order arched style front doors are known to be over the top and have an eye for design.

Cottage Style Front Door

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The cottage style front door mimics historic architecture that looks like it could be found in the English countryside. Typically, cottage style front doors are arched and crafted to feel cozy and intimate. Cottage style doors can be seen on cottages, lake houses and even around your neighborhood. The Cape Cod style front door is a common type of cottage style front door with a more refined look.

Homeowners with a cottage style front door are creative, whimsical and always seeking adventure.

Barn And Farmhouse Style Front Doors

black barn farmhouse style front door

If you’re looking for a cozy, homey feeling with a country twist, consider getting a barn or farmhouse style front door. These front door styles combine both rustic and industrial elements with an emphasis on wood paneling and natural colors. The barn and farmhouse style doors are becoming very popular lately and can fit in an urban or rural environment.

Homeowners who embrace the barn and farmhouse style doors are up to date on the current trends, but also have an appreciation for the outdoors and classic design elements.

Spanish Style Front Door

Spanish style front door surrounded by trees

One way to add some extra flair to your home is ditching your current door for a Spanish style door. The Spanish style door is mysterious, inviting and artistic, featuring dark wood and intricate designs on the center panel.

Homeowners who opt for a Spanish style front door aren’t afraid to take a chance and be adventurous.

Colonial Style Front Door

colonial style front door on home

For a historic or refined look at your doorstep, consider getting a colonial style front door. The key features of colonial style front doors are paneled doors, side lights, flattened columns on each side of the door, and a decorative crown over the front of the door. This style door is most common in colonial houses, but can also work for other styles of architecture.

Homeowners who prefer colonial style doors are organized, refined and traditional.

Tudor Style Front Door

tudor style front door

The Tudor style front door can be recognized by its rounded tops that come to a small point in the middle. This design choice evokes a gothic look and is popular in Tudor style houses and other forms of architecture.

Homeowners with a Tudor style front door are refined and stately but can sometimes veer from tradition.

How Do I Choose A Front Door Style?

Now that we’ve introduced each type of front door, you’re likely wondering what style is best for you and your home. When choosing your front door, think about the style of your home and what you want your door to represent. Make sure to consider the style of front door you want, but don’t forget about its color, cost, size and material.

Review the different front door styles, and narrow it down based off your interests and preferences. Whatever you choose, your entryway will surely stand out in comparison to the other houses on the block. And don’t worry because installing a front door isn’t a permanent decision! Feel free to switch up your front door curb appeal whenever you’d like. You can even personalize your front door by adding a wreath or other accessories to make it your own.

What Color Front Door Sells Best?

If you’re struggling to decide on a certain color front door, don’t worry! We know what color front doors sell the best. The most popular colors now are black, gray, red, dark blue and natural wood. Each of these colors is unique in its own way and can add a lot of personality and flair to your entryway! Consider getting your front door in one of these colors or mix it up with something unique.


Installing a new front door can be an exciting way to change your home’s look and give your exterior more personality. If you’re looking to update your curb appeal with a new front door, make sure to remember what the front door of your choice says about you and your home.

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