Cozy living room with wood coffee table and L-shaped couch.

Living Room Ideas To Revamp Your Space

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UPDATED: May 30, 2023

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If you’re looking for ways to improve your home, revamping the living room is a great place to start. The living room is typically the central space where everyone hangs out, so updating it can make a big impact on how you feel about your home.

Of course, coming up with a budget and choosing your color scheme can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a background in design. So if you’re in a bit of a creative rut, here are some living room ideas to help you get started.

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Interior Design Ideas For Living Rooms

Updating your living room can have a big impact on how you feel about your home.

And this is good news because your living room is surprisingly easy to upgrade. However, it’s important to mention that the phrase “living room” can mean different things to different people.

Comparing quotes from top-rated interior design contractors is the best way to know if a revamp is within your current budget and time frame. Here are some living room design ideas for how you can update the layout and design of your living room without doing a full remodel.

Choose A New Theme

Naturally lit living room with large windows and brick wall.

You can completely change the look of your living room is by changing the theme. For instance, swapping farmhouse, like a weathered sign, with something more mid-century modern, like a brass starburst mirror, can instantly make your space feel updated.

Designing your living room around a specific theme can also make shopping and DIY projects much easier.

If you’re not sure which style to go with, a good interior decorator can help you find a theme that fits your personal style and create a mood board for inspiration.

Create A New Focal Point

Living room with glass wall and door separating the kitchen.

A room’s focal point is something that naturally catches your eye and serves as the centerpiece for the room. For instance, this could be a fireplace or unique piece of furniture or art.

You can also use paint to draw the eye to a specific item by making it a color that contrasts with the rest of your space. You could also arrange furniture so that it encourages the eye to gravitate toward a certain thing. Changing the focal point in a space can easily give a room a whole new look.

Of course, this can be challenging if you have a small living room to work with. If you have a smaller living space, a coffee table could serve as a good focal point. And using design materials like shiplap, panels, stone or wood are great ways to accentuate the focal point in the living room.

Rearrange Your Current Living Room Furniture

Living room with animal skin rug and fireplace full of wood logs.

Just like changing the focal point can change the vibe of a room, rearranging the furniture can do the same thing without spending any money.

There are lots of creative ways to rearrange the furniture using pieces you already own to make your space feel completely new. Don’t be afraid to try new arrangements for a day or two each to see how the set-up works for your family.

Purchase New Furniture Pieces

Luxurious large living room with library wall and fireplace.

If you have the budget for new furniture, adding or swapping it out is an easy way to give your living room a new look. And new furniture may be crucial if you change the theme or style of the room.

For example, let’s say your living room had a rustic style but you wanted to layer in some traditional elements. Swapping out a worn leather sofa for one that’s more refined is a simple and effective way to refresh your living room.

Side tables, rugs and lamps are other pieces of furniture that can really add to the living space. And these items often come at a lower price than sectionals or other larger items.

Change Out Decor Pieces

Stylish minimalist living room with chair and empty fireplace frame.

Decor pieces are often what pulls together the overall look of your living room, and these items don’t typically fall under the category of furniture. For instance, lighting fixtures, area rugs or window treatments all have a huge impact on the feel of a space.

Replacing decor pieces doesn’t have to be expensive. You can check Facebook Marketplace, shop the sale rack, or go antiquing for vintage pieces.

Even better, you can shop in your own home. Moving pieces from other areas of your house into your living room could be exactly what you need to complete the transformation.

Living Room Paint And Color Ideas

Changing the paint color is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to update a room.

It can be tricky to find the perfect color scheme for your living room, especially if you want something you can stick with for a long time. Let’s look at a few simple tips for choosing furniture and paint colors you’ll be happy with. 

Pick A Trendy Color

Pink themed living room with marble coffee table and pink furniture.

Selecting a trendy color may make it easier to find furniture, accessories, and decor pieces to include in the space. That’s because many retailers will put out products that fall within that range of color.

If you’re looking for a trendy accent color, consider Very Peri, Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year.

You can also find trendy paint colors by browsing through interior design magazines or exploring Pinterest. Watching certain current TV shows can even be a good way to figure out what’s in style.

Go Neutral

Large luxurious white and neutral living room with modern fireplace and floor to ceiling windows.

On the other end of the spectrum is the option to go neutral. Neutral colors are currently very trendy options for paint and interior design in general. Lighter neutrals can make the living room feel more light, airy and open, even if it’s a small space.

Choosing neutral paint colors doesn’t mean your room has to be boring. You can add small pops of color throughout the room to create a more striking impression for those entering the space for the first time.

Create An Accent Wall

Living room with accent wall.

If you want to create a mix between neutral and bold colors, consider painting an accent wall. Painting one wall in your living room a bold color and keeping the rest more muted in tone can really add visual interest to the space.

This also can be a great compromise if multiple family members can’t agree on a central color scheme. Using a bold wallpaper is another simple way to create an accent wall.

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Living Room Decor Ideas

Home decor is your opportunity to really put your personal aesthetic on display in the living room. Let’s look at a few different things you can do to add new life to your living room.

Research Current Interior Design Trends

If you’re unsure of where to begin or don’t have a lot of knowledge about interior design, it can help to look for outside resources. The following resources can help you determine what contemporary home decorating trends look like and draw inspiration from them:

  • Interior design blogs
  • Style publications
  • Profession design sites
  • YouTube videos
  • TV shows

You don’t have to copy these decorating ideas exactly, but this information can help you identify trends in shapes, colors or materials. Decorating with things that are already in style can be easier since you’ll find more of these items for sale in stores.

Become A Plant Parent

Stylish and small living room filled with plants and hung butterfly displays in frames.

Houseplants are very trendy right now, but are also a timeless way to add life, texture, and interest to your space. Plus, plants help with air purification and can lead to improved mental health.

To start out, look for plants that are hard to kill and work your way up to more temperamental varieties. Here are some ideas for houseplants you can use in your home:

  • Aloe vera: Aloe vera is often called “The Healer Plant” and it’s an excellent way to brighten up your home. Make sure you have a sunny spot to put it so this plant can thrive.
  • Peace lily: If you have a little more experience taking care of plants, the peace lily could be a good option for you. If you keep the soil moist, you’ll have a beautiful, flowering plant in no time.
  • Rubber tree: If you don’t like extremely leafy plants, the rubber tree may be more your speed. Just make sure this plant has access to lots of sun and space.
  • Fiddle-leaf fig: The fiddle-leaf fig is another popular indoor plant. Its large, violin-shaped leaves make this plant an excellent focal point for any room.

Showcase Your Personal Interests

Mid-century modern living room with desk, dresser, and hung vinyl records.

One of the best ways to make your living room feel cozy is by injecting your own interests and personality into the decor. Think about your family’s interests and hobbies and select accessories that reflect those things.

For instance, if you love music, you could incorporate that into your living room but using records as wall art or creating a listening corner – a space where you can relax and listen to music.

Why Should I Redecorate My Living Room?

Here are some of the biggest reasons why redecorating your living room can be beneficial both over the short and long term.

Renews Your Love For Your Home

Nothing stays exciting forever, and at some point, you may find yourself bored with your current home. Redecorating your living room can be a great way to renew your appreciation for your home. Redecorating can also make a space feel new and exciting, without having to plan a move or remodel.

Plus, all homeowners go through different stages of life, and so your home will naturally change as well. Your living room will have a very different look and serve a different purpose when you have little kids than it will once your kids grow up.

Increases Resale Value

Updating your living room can also help you increase the resale value of your home. That’s especially true if those updates include renovations that fix structural or cosmetic issues. When you increase the value of your home, it’ll be easier for you to sell it in the future.

And having a space that feels relevant and updated will make your home appear more cared for. This will also help increase the perceived resale value and speed with which your home sells.

The Bottom Line: Use These Living Room Ideas To Create A Space You’ll Love Living In

Redecorating your living room is a great way to make your space feel more current. And if you’ve grown bored with the look of your home, updating the living room can be a great way to help you love that space again.

Hopefully, this article has shown you that there are many inexpensive ways to update your living room. If you’re looking for other ways to improve your home, be sure to check out more homeowner tips.

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