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15 Awesome She Shed Ideas And Decorating Inspiration

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UPDATED: May 30, 2023

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Do you need personal space? A “she shed” is the female counterpart to a man cave and can be a great escape. If you have space on your property and not in your house but wish that you had more indoor space for yourself, then adding a she shed might be the perfect solution. Here are some she shed ideas to help get you inspired to create your own.

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What Is A She Shed?

A she shed is usually an outdoor or garden shed built in the backyard to remove a woman from her daily stresses – the female equivalent of a man cave. She sheds are a space to retreat to outside of your own home, decorated and tailored just for you and your hobbies. This could include gardening, crafting, reading, working, exercising or even drinking wine. It is truly a place of privacy and escape from the world.

She sheds are quickly becoming a wish list item for many house hunters. Women who need a break from work and family are building and renovating sheds to be their perfect escape.

How Much Does A She Shed Cost?

The price to make one of these backyard sheds can vary depending on their size, square footage and the building materials used. Fixing up an old shed will be significantly less expensive than building from scratch. Additionally, bare-bones sheds will be a lot less expensive than sheds with finished walls and electricity. Keep your budget in mind when making plans to keep from going over budget.

Paying For A She Shed

To pay for a she shed, one option homeowners have is to take out a cash out refinance. A cash-out refinance allows homeowners to cash in on the equity they’ve accumulated on their home and spend the money on anything they want, such as home improvements or additions like the building of a she shed.

If you don’t have the money immediately available, there are other options that can help you finance a she shed, such as a home equity loan or personal loan.

Does A She Shed Add Value To A Home?

She sheds are usually not included in the square footage of a home unless they are completely finished and have power and climate control. While an unfinished she shed might not add value to your home, it could definitely increase marketability and add appeal for the right buyer.

If a buyer is looking for a getaway or hideaway within their home, or even more storage, it could be a great selling point for them. If you plan to sell your home soon, try to keep your costs low to make the best return on investment (ROI) on your she shed.

How To Build A She Shed

There are two ways to go about creating a she shed: fixing up an old shed or building a new one. Both options have pros and cons, but either can result in beautiful, useful retreats.

Fix Up An Old Shed

One option to get the she shed of your dreams is to fix up an old structure. For this to work, obviously, you need an old shed. This could be a shed that is sitting neglected and unused on your property. It could also be a shed that you purchase secondhand on a site such as Facebook Marketplace and rehabilitate to meet your needs.

  • Empty the old shed: First, homeowners should purge as much as possible from the shed. It’s important to start with a clean slate and implement storage ideas to help stay organized.
  • Clean the shed: Sheds can get really dirty over time. It is important to clean them thoroughly as a part of their transition from garden shed to she shed, especially if you’re using it for a hobby like a wine bar.
  • Assess the structure: As you clean the shed, assess the shed’s structure. Are there leaks? How is the airflow? Is the paint peeling or stained? Come up with a plan to get the structure beyond a “just livable” state and into nice enough that spending time there feels like a retreat!
  • Give the shed a fresh coat of paint: A fresh coat of paint is a super budget-friendly way to give a space new life. Paint the exterior and interior of the shed for a fresh start.
  • Begin decorating: The final stage includes homeowners decorating their shed to be inviting and comforting. Think of the way that you will specifically use the space and decorate it to fit those needs. Remember: in small spaces, less is more. If you try to cram too much inside, it will start to feel like a storage shed again!

Build Your Own

If you don’t have an existing shed to work with, you’ll need to build one. The easiest way to do this is with a kit.

  • Use a shed kit to create a shed: Pre-made shed kits make it easy to build a new shed. Be sure to measure out the dimensions of the finished shed to check that it will fit in your outdoor space and provide enough interior space for your needs. If you just want a spot to work on your laptop, a small shed might work, but if you want to do yoga, you’ll need more floor space.
  • Design with a purpose: Make sure your shed has any architectural elements that you are looking for. Windows go a long way in making a space feel light, bright and inviting. Interesting exterior architecture like gables or adding flower boxes to the windows can also make it look less like a tool shed and more like a mini house.
  • Paint the shed: Just because you buy a shed kit doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it. Paint the exterior your favorite color or to match your nearby home. Paint the inside something that will inspire and relax you!
  • Start decorating: Similar to the final stage of fixing up an old shed, the last step for building a new she shed also includes decorating. Consider upgrading the flooring to something that feels homier, or even adding window boxes and planters to the outside. Your she shed is a place just for you – make it feel that way!

DIY She Shed Elements For Every Space

No matter what your she shed theme is, there are several elements you need to make sure to think about and take care of before you start designing it to achieve its final look.

Find A Theme

A cohesive design will help the shed feel more organized and comfortable. Think about the way that you plan to use your she shed and design the theme around that. Also consider the architectural design of your main house it’s always nice when the two spaces can flow together seamlessly.

Paint The Shed’s Interior And Exterior

Painting your shed is a super important step. You can choose a paint color that will match your home, blend into the surroundings or really stand out. If your neighborhood has an HOA, beware – there are likely restrictions surrounding your color choices!

Landscape The Outside Of The Shed

Landscaping can really make your she shed feel less like a storage shed and more like its own miniature home. Hanging plants are an easy addition. You could also add shrubbery on either side of the shed that matches the shrubbery in front of your home for a very cohesive look. 

Use Natural Light

If your shed doesn’t have electricity, you will want to make the most of natural light. This means lots of windows – and maybe even a skylight if you can swing it! Additionally, swapping out the existing door for a glass front door can really brighten up the space.

Add Lighting Fixtures

Whatever your theme, it’s important to add lighting fixtures to your shed. If you have electricity, run overhead lights as well as table or floor lamps for a variety of lighting. If there’s no power, consider running an electrical cord and string lights so the space can still be lit up after dark.

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DIY She Shed Ideas for Your Backyard

Your she shed should be as unique as you are. Whether you update an old shed or build a new one, you can really customize it with decor. It is important to gather ideas and inspiration when creating a space that you love. Here are some ideas for ways to decorate and use your she shed. For most of these ideas, and any others that you can come up with, you’ll most likely need electricity. Ensure that you have a licensed electrician run wiring to your shed to accommodate any needs you’ll have for each of these ideas.

Create A Reading Room

If reading is your favorite way to relax, you might want to use your she shed as a standalone home library. First, add bookshelves - as many as you can comfortably fit in your shed. Stock them with all of your favorite books, including guilty pleasures. Next, add comfortable seating. You’ll want a cozy chair or couch and preferably an ottoman or pouf to put your feet up on. Finally, think about lighting. A reading lamp is a great option so you don’t have to read in the dark.

Set Up An Art Studio

If you find painting or drawing relaxing, you might want to turn your she shed into an art studio. First, assess what materials you want to use and create storage for them. This could be bins, shelves, or a cabinet. Stock the shelves with supplies such as paper, canvas, paint, pens, brushes and jars. Then, determine what work surface you need – an easel or desk are the most common options. Decide on the seating that would work best for you. Pair it with plenty of lighting so you can make art at all times of day and night whenever inspiration strikes.

Add A Home Office

It might not be relaxing, but if you really need a quiet place to retreat to work, a home office might be the perfect use of your she shed. Keep the space bright and cozy by making sure there is plenty of natural light. The most important part of any home office is the desk and chair. Select a desk big enough for your work. Pair that with storage such as bookshelves or a cabinet for office supplies. Don’t forget to select a chair that is comfortable to sit in for a long time.

Include A Wine Bar

If slowly sipping a glass of wine in silence is your idea of relaxation, you might want to set up your she shed as a wine bar. Ideally, you will want the space to feel like a luxurious lounge. This could mean armchairs and a coffee table or barstools and a high-top table. Select lighting that is not too bright – sconces, lamps, or even twinkle lights can help add to the ambiance.

On a more practical note, you will want wine racks or shelving, storage for glasses, and space for any additional items you might use, such as bar tools if you want to be able to make mixed drinks, too. It would be great to be able to have a wine fridge to keep your bottles at an ideal temperature so you can grab a glass at any time of day.

Set Up A Yoga Studio

Love yoga? Turn your she shed into a yoga studio. Make sure there is plenty of space to roll out your mat. Add storage for mats, blocks, bands or any other tools that you use. You may want to add a fan to stay at a comfortable temperature. Make sure you have a speaker to play your favorite music. Add floor pillows or a cozy rug for meditating on, too.

Make A Potting Shed For Gardening

It might seem a little silly to get a shed, call it a she shed, and then use it as a garden shed. But if gardening is your passion, that is the perfect use for this space. Take it up a notch from the traditional storage unit and make it into a rustic potting shed. You can include an antique table to do your potting. Don’t forget rustic shelves and storage baskets to store and display pots and watering cans. For the ultimate upgrade, include an outdoor sink to make watering and clean up a breeze.

Create A Meditation Sanctuary

If meditation keeps you calm, then you might want to turn your shed into a meditation space. Consider how you prefer to meditate. You might want a comfy chair, or you may prefer floor pillows. Add other elements to help calm you – this could include essential oils and a diffuser, a speaker to play music, or blinds or curtains to create darkness. Be sure that your decor is all calming and soothing to be most conducive to relaxation.

Set Up A Sewing Studio

If crafting is your passion, then turn your she shed into a crafter’s paradise! Think of the projects that you like to do and set it up to meet those needs. Most crafters want a large work table to spread their projects out on. Opt for a table with a fold-down top so you can expand the work surface as needed.

Craft rooms also need good storage. Assess the tools and supplies that you want to keep in stock. You might need shelves or a cabinet to store them. Sort similar supplies together in bins or baskets for the best organization. Finally, be sure that you have plenty of lighting so you can see your sewing or crafting project without squinting. This could be natural light but could also be lamps and overhead lighting.

Create An Area For Entertainment

It can be really fun to use your shed to create a space for entertainment. You could use your shed to host special events such as dinners, tea parties, movie nights and intimate cocktail parties. If this is your plan, choose furniture that suits your needs. For example, you’d want cozy seating and a TV or projector screen for movie nights. For tea parties, you’d want a table and chairs. For more of a bar set up, consider barstool seating or lounge-type chairs.

Set Up A Guesthouse

Though it isn’t necessarily in the spirit of the she shed, it might make sense to turn this bonus space into a guest house. For a bed, you might find that a daybed or murphy bed is your most space-efficient option. Consider having a small dresser double as a side table so you have storage space for blankets, pillows and other simple guest amenities. If you decide to use this as a guest space, spend a night there yourself to be sure it is comfortable for visitors.

The Bottom Line

She sheds are a great way for women to have a place to retreat to at the end of the day. Whether you want to upgrade an old shed or build a new one from a kit, adding a she shed to your property can be a great way to make extra space for your hobbies or just create a space to relax in.

If your she shed ideas are looking a little pricey, you might want to look into financing options. For homeowners with equity in their homes, a cash-out refinance can be a great way to secure significant cash at what is typically a low interest rate. If that sounds good to you, check out your cash-out-refinance options with Rocket Mortgage® today.

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