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10 Epic Man Cave Ideas

Lauren Nowacki7-Minute Read
November 24, 2021

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If you’ve ever had a spare room in your house, you may have been told that it could serve as the perfect space for a man cave.

What Is A Mancave?

A man cave is a place a man can go to escape the rest of his family while remaining in the home. There, he can practice his hobbies, hang out with friends, enjoy a few indulgences and just relax.

The term “man cave” gained popularity after it was published in the popular book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” by John Gray. While the gender-specific term has received strong criticism for being just that, it’s often used to describe a room that carries a precise purpose. In the same way, the term “she shed” is used to describe the female equivalent – a space designed for a woman to relax, hang out, indulge and pursue her hobbies just steps away from the home.

Man caves aren’t usually found in common areas of the home, like living rooms or bedrooms. Instead, they’re built in less frequently used rooms, like garages, dens, spare rooms and basements.

Whatever space you choose, we have 10 epic man cave ideas to inspire you to make the room your own.

1. Classic Game Room

poker table in game room of man cave

When you need a break from screens, find entertainment the old-fashioned way inside a classic game room. To keep the design sophisticated and traditional, think about what you may see at an ivy league gentleman’s social club. Choose game pieces made of rich woods including a billiards table, dartboard, poker table and chess or backgammon set.

2. Home Theater

Movie buffs will enjoy a quiet space to screen their favorite flicks in what feels like an actual movie theater (at a much lower cost). To make it feel more authentic, consider framing your large, flat-screen TV or projector screen with heavy curtains.

For better views, install a platform to create tiered seating, with one row of oversized, leather home theater recliners on the platform and another row in front of it.

Connect your cable and streaming services, DVD player and gaming consoles to have endless options of movies and TV shows. A sound system that features surround sound will heighten the experience even more.

Of course, no home theater is complete without a concession stand, so keep a mini fridge or vintage popcorn cart in the corner for quick refills during the show.

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3. Sports Center

sports center in house

A sports-themed man cave can be the perfect replacement for sports bars and arenas for you and your friends to cheer on your favorite team. Get a big-screen TV or projector screen with surround sound to make it feel even more like you’re at the game.

Get creative with your seating options by installing bleachers or stadium seats. Decorate the walls with sports memorabilia and jerseys of your favorite teams and add different sporting equipment, like helmets or balls, to bare spaces. Use lockers to store personal items and outline the floor to look like your favorite sport’s court or field.

4. Home Arcade

Entertain your friends inside your very own home arcade. You can purchase vintage pinball and arcade games at thrift stores, garage sales, online marketplaces or from local arcades and bars making room for newer games. You can also find brand new arcade games, like air hockey, skee-ball and indoor basketball at retail stores and online furniture hubs like Wayfair.

Along with classic arcade games, create a video game section with gaming chairs, a TV and an entertainment center featuring all of your favorite gaming consoles.

5. Cigar Lounge

cigar lounge with fireplace in man cave

The first step to creating the perfect cigar lounge is knowing what to do with the smoke. The best rooms for a cigar lounge may be a garage or four seasons room with tons of windows or doors that provide ample ventilation. Since smoke rises, the basement may not be ideal. A detached structure is the best option to keep any smoke from lingering into the home.

Whatever room you choose, make sure it has proper insulation to seal the room from others in the home. Windows will help with ventilation. You may also want to invest in an air purifier or, for a higher cost, a separate ventilation system from your home’s HVAC.

To create a refined yet warm vibe, mix rich, dark woods with warm, soft lighting from candles or dim Edison bulbs. Leather furniture looks sophisticated and luxurious while also keeping smoke from being absorbed like it would on other fabrics. Create a small home library to use as the backdrop for your space. A simple bar cart topped with a decanter of water or your favorite whiskey can keep refreshments on hand.

No cigar lounge would be complete without proper storage for your cigars and smoking accessories. A humidor will keep cigars at the right temperature and humidity, hold your other accessories and display your cigars in a clean and elegant way. Depending on your budget, you can purchase a box or cabinet humidor or invest in a built-in humidor.

6. Hunter’s Hideaway

You don’t always have to escape to the woods to find peace and quiet. Since most hunting seasons are in the fall and winter, warm and cozy is the type of vibe you’ll want for your hunter’s hideaway. Think suede, wool and flannel fabrics, a lit fireplace and a faux bearskin or cowhide throw rug.

You can also bring in elements from nature, specifically fall leaves, wood and stone, and display your hunted animals on mounts. This man cave can also be the perfect place to store your hunting clothes and lock up your equipment.

7. Home Bar

home bar near brick wall

With a home bar, happy hour can happen at home. All you need to create yours is a bar counter with barstools and a place to store your glasses and bottles of liquor. Check out these bar cart ideas for decor inspiration.

A mini fridge can store beers and mixers along with such drink garnishes as limes, olives and cherries. If your bar doesn’t include storage for glassware and mixologist tools, consider getting a bar cart, cabinet or bookshelf to hold and display everything you need for a functioning bar.

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9. Recording Studio

Whether you plan to record music or podcasts, a room dedicated to recording audio can make all the difference in the quality of what you’re producing. When choosing a room, make sure you consider:

  • Acoustics
  • Space needed for your equipment
  • Noise from cars, nature, neighbors, TVs and other appliances in the home

Make sure you soundproof the room – for your and your family’s sanity. To do this, lay down rugs and install acoustic sound-proofing foam to the walls. Using high-quality headphones can also help. Depending on what you’re recording, you’ll need the proper equipment, which often includes microphones, pop filters, a mixing board and a computer with digital audio software.

Your music room design can include collected instruments, concert posters, sheet music prints or record covers.

8. Wine Cellar

wine cellar in basement

A wine cellar can be a great option for narrow rooms and basements because wine needs a cool, dark climate to stay in good shape. The ideal temperature for wine storage is around 55 degrees, though different types of wine require different temperatures. No matter the wine, you don’t want to go higher than around 65 degrees and you don’t want the temperature to fluctuate much.

For the most functional wine cellar, you’ll need wine racks and shelving to properly store and display your collection of bottles and the proper glasses and hardware. If you have champagne, dessert wines, sparkling wines or wines that require temps in the 40s, a wine cooler may be ideal.

You’ll also want to include seating for samplings and conversation and a small table or surface area to prepare a few types of cheese and charcuteries to pair with your wine selection.

10. Collector’s Paradise

A collector’s man cave can provide a space to store and show off your collection, whether that be coins, stamps, action figures, antique cars or comics.

You’ll want to have ample shelving to hold your collection, along with protective display cases for rarer items that need protection from moisture or dust.

If you collect art, photographs, stamps or comic books, consider displaying them with a gallery wall. Whatever your collection, do your research to make sure the room’s climate is ideal for keeping your collection in mint condition. For example, stamps should be kept at room temperature (about 60 – 70 degrees) and around 50% humidity.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to man cave ideas, the best theme is one that helps you relax and surround yourself with the things you love. Check out the Rocket HomesSM blog for more homeowner tips and advice on how to make your new home feel like it’s completely yours.

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