4 Tips for Staging Your Home in Autumn

Lauren WhiteSeptember 10, 2018

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We don’t always get to pick and choose when to put our homes on the market. However, if you can list and show your property in the fall, you’ll significantly boost your chances of success. Autumn is the second-best season for home sales, according to many real estate agents. It also provides a number of unique opportunities to incorporate the season into your staging plans. Think warm colors, snuggly accents and crisp fall scents.

Tip #1: Start with a clean slate

Nothing turns potential buyers away faster than dirt and grime. No matter how stunning your hardwood floors are, or how gorgeous your natural stone countertops are, it will be hard for them to see past any uncleanliness. Give your home a chance to look its best by scrubbing away, even in dark corners. Don’t forget to tidy up these easy to forget areas when staging your home:

• Over your head – Dusty and cobwebbed ceilings, fans and light fixtures make a home feel older and can agitate allergies.

• Behind appliances – If you haven’t looked back there for a few years, be prepared for a wasteland of macaroni noodles and cat toys. Get yourself a pack of rubber gloves and a facemask to tackle the mess behind refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers.

• Down the drain – When they go to test the water pressure, the last thing you want is a clogged drain in the tub or sink.

Tip #2: Highlight the season in your yard

Buyers will be paying close attention to your home’s curb appeal—starting with the yard, when touring homes in the fall. The weather will be perfect for spending time outside, so the landscape will play a big part in their decision. Create spaces where families will be able to relax and spend time together outdoors, both in the front and back yards. Consider incorporating shrubs and trees, as this season is perfect for planting them. Plant brilliant fall flowers like mums, goldenrod, perennials and Russian sage. Finally, don’t forget to rake those beautiful leaves when they fall.

Here’s a great list of fall landscaping tips from HomeAdvisor that you can use to get started.

Tip #3: Create a cozy atmosphere

Appeal to your buyers’ comfy side. The air is crisp, and colder months are ahead, so you want to create a home where they will be able to warm up and settle in easily. Surround them with a cozy fall ambiance.

• Sprinkle warm accents throughout each space, without making it cluttered. Consider a bronze vase with vibrant yellow and orange flowers on a table, or an arrangement of squash by the entryway to bring in those autumn hues.

• Adorn your couch with snuggly throws and soft pillows to make living rooms and bedrooms more inviting and comfortable. Incorporate autumn hues here, too

• If you have a working fireplace, show it off. A fireplace will touch many of your buyers’ senses, from the sound of crackling fire, to the warmth and the smell it offers.

• Flood them with nostalgic fall smells, whether it be with candles or with actual baking. Popular fall scents include hot apple cider, pumpkin, spiced orange and cinnamon, campfire and wood.

Tip #4: Keep it bright

Properly lighting your home for staging is important any time of year. As the season turns, however, the days will be getting shorter and the nights longer. Many people dread leaving long summer days behind, and they want their homes to be vibrant, illuminated escapes from the darkness. Take care with any artificial light in your rooms, and use natural light wherever you can.

With these tips, you can set your home apart from the competition in the busy fall season. You’ll be giving buyers more than meets the eye — a cozy feeling they’ll remember as they consider their options. If you’re intimidated by the thought of staging your home for success, you may want to hire a professional decorator. A professional will know exactly how to create the perfect atmosphere in order to make the sale.

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