Consider These Key Factors to Find the Right Size Home

Marni Epstein-MervisSeptember 13, 2018

Have you ever purchased “too little house” — a house that failed to meet your living and storage requirements? Or maybe you purchased too large a home, then wound up wasting precious time and money maintaining space you rarely if ever used. Either way, you might end up wondering why you decided on a home that didn’t quite measure up.

Determining the right-sized residence for your present and long-term needs can be like trying to glean the future from a crystal ball. Let’s take the fortune-telling out of “right-sizing.” Discover how with a little analysis and some effective planning, you can ensure that your next home purchase will be a perfect fit. Here are some questions to ask yourself before embarking on your next home purchase.

What are your plans for your future?

It’s important to consider more than your present circumstances when buying a home. Broadly considering your plans for the future with regard to career, family and lifestyle can help you gauge how much room you’ll eventually need. You may be anticipating others moving in with you, like a partner, friend, or relative. Maybe you’re planning to have children over the next few years. If you’re an entrepreneur or work from home, office space may be required. You may not feel you need extra space at this point in your life, but you may in the near future. Do your best to anticipate any big changes over the new few years.

Do you really need a place to store all that stuff?

It is truly amazing how much stuff an individual (not to mention an entire family) can pile up over the years. Are you buying a home to accommodate your family, or a glorified storage unit for a collection of things you no longer want or need? Decide if it’s worth paying extra money on square footage so you can hang on to all the stuff that you haven’t used or set eyes on in years. Take a hard look at what is essential to you and your family’s quality of life to figure out exactly how much space you’ll really need..

Are you equating space with well-designed space?

Whether it be poorly laid out or ergonomically sound, home space boils down to square footage, and those square feet come with a price tag. A smartly designed interior is crucial to functionality and efficient living while maximizing area usage. With the recent tiny house movement, we’ve seen an uptick in incredibly well-designed spaces that maximize the use of even the smallest square footage. This 240 square foot tiny house will blow your mind!

Never underestimate the power of strategic organization. To choose a home that is the perfect fit for your lifestyle, be sure that you can spot the difference between a deceptively impressive space and an efficient use of space at your next open house.

Have you measured your furniture?

If you’re planning to keep all of your current furniture, you’ll need to make sure it fits into your new space. Don’t guess! Many open houses are staged with furnishings to help you better envision the look and feel of the home. A perfectly staged home, however, can be as challenging to evaluate as an empty one for a buyer trying to picture their own furnishings in place. That couch looks great in that sitting room, but will yours look as good? Will it even fit? When touring a prospective property, always have your furniture measurements and a good tape measure in hand!

Are You Too Easily Discounting Potential Dream Homes?

Getting stuck on a home’s square footage may cause you to miss out on your dream home. If it’s got your dream kitchen, the ideal number of bedrooms and an open floor plan, but it only has 1,750 square feet instead of the 2,000 you were shooting for, it’s still worth considering. What may feel like a major downsize can be anything but if you find a home with a great layout. Don’t get too hung up on needing to find something bigger or smaller. Discuss any concerns with your real estate agent and be open to checking out some homes that may not fit your ideal size. There are many different types of homes out there and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Ready to Right-Size?

While house-hunting, be sure to discuss the above questions with your family and your real estate agent to accurately assess your home buying needs. Finding your dream home is about having the quality of life that you desire in a home that is the right size for you.

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